Association of Hungarians in the Czech Republic


February 1990 saw the establishment of a smallish new organization: Association of Hungarians in the Czech Republic.  We would like to introduce ourselves to the public because it is a matter of its concern. And not just that: we would like to make certain of its understanding, its liking, its confidence and its moral support. Apparently, it isn’t little we want. Hungarians have come to Czechia for various reasons, under various circumstances and in various ways. Many – some of them as early as the First Czechoslovak Republic, most of them, however, in the last forty years – came to the capital of the country for duty, business or educational reasons, often settling there permanently. In the wake of WWII – it is one of the bitter periods in our nations’ coexistence – many Hungarian families were arbitrarily moved from Slovakia to Czechia, especially to the frontier areas. We do not mention it now to reopen old wounds, rather, just to explain. After all, they themselves or their descendants are now tied to this country for good, their lives being interwoven with the lives of other inhabitants of Bohemia and Moravia, often through family relations.

This association is not meant as a political organization. There are three main goals mentioned in its constitution: Firstly, self-education in the native language and satisfying in all possible ways of cultural or perhaps other needs of Hungarians living in Czechia; secondly, independent participation in the lives and problems of all Hungarian inhabitants in Czechia; thirdly, learning about Czech-Hungarian relations in the past and their positive cultivation at present and in the future. More at



Seat of the association
HQ:  K Botiči 2, 101 00 Prague 10

Contact details
Phone no.:         +420 271 746 932
Fax:       +420 271 746 913
Chairwoman:                    Rákóczi Anna

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