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Endre Ady Students’ Club – Ady Endre Diákkör (AED)



Prague had a busy Hungarian cultural life as far back as the First Czechoslovak Republic. Students gathered at St. George Club at that time. During and after WWII, becoming virtually impossible for political reasons, the Hungarian organized social life all but disappeared. A gradual shift in policy towards ethnic minorities enabled Hungarian students to get organized again. Initially occasional and unorganized gatherings of Hungarian students of Prague universities resulted in the establishing of the Endre Ady Students’ Club in 1957, which has been since in continuous existence. AED saw the beginnings of many well-known figures, scientists, scholars, artists, engineers, teachers and politicians.

The AED membership has varied over the years. At present, the passive membership fluctuates between 200 and 300, roughly corresponding to the number of Hungarian young people studying in Prague. The active membership that organizes the life and events of the club amounts to circa 20 to 30 people. The club organizes regular cultural events, with the most popular among them being the festive weekend in March commemorating the anti-Hapsburg uprising in 1848/49, comprising many interesting cultural and social events. The sport events as an integral part of a year’s schedule include the RIMET football cup and a table tennis championship, with a squash championship added lately. Until lately, the Hungarian community used to meet at the restaurant Na Hrádku in Na Malovance street, however, for various reasons, this tradition has been fading away.

From 1994 on, students published occasionally the magazine “KNÉDLI” (dumpling); nowadays, our members inclined to publishing can contribute to the magazine AlmaMater published by the umbrella organization of the club, Diákhálózat (students’ network).  Also the funding of the Hungarian folk dance troupe Nyitnikék and the band Jutott Neki is linked with former AED members.

The Endre Ady Students’ Club in Prague is an ideal place for a Hungarian student to have fun and also get the proper information needed.


Seat of the
 Ady Endre Diákkör – Endre Ady Students’ Club
Ryťířská 27, Prague 1, 110 00


Bank details and statistical identifiers
Account no.: 20 60 31 291 / 0300
IBAN: CZ 43 0300 0000 0002 0603 1291
Org, Id. No.: 00499625


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Chairwoman:    Kristína Václavová

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